型号 : LHS系列立式燃油(气)蒸汽锅炉
品牌 : 舜火
LHS series vertical fuel (gas) steam boiler
Products characteristics
立式烟管式结构烟气三回程,燃烧器顶置,炉胆波形状(或直炉胆) 增设扰流片,增强换热效果。
水容量大,热效率高,产气快蒸汽充足,使用寿命长,没有可开启 的烟箱和清扫门,便于清扫;配置优质名牌燃烧器和增压给水泵, 燃烧充分,给水及时噪音低。
选配具有自诊功能的电脑控制器,运行异常时自动停机并声光报警, 指明故障代码,检修方便。
保护装置完备,燃烧机可设置高温后吹扫装置,安全可靠。装配优 质安全阀、压力调节器、低水位及过热保护等多重保护装置,确保 锅炉安全可行。
It adopts vertical tubular structure with three-pass flue gas. Combustor is set at the top. Spoiler is added in corrugated furnace (or plain furnace), which can improve the heat exchange effect.
Water capacity is large, and thermal efficiency is high. Gas and steam are generated fast and sufficiently with long service life. There are smoke box and cleaning door that can be opened, which is easy for cleaning. It is equipped with high quality combustors with famous brand and pressure boosting water supply pump, which can be combusted fully with in-time water supply and low noise. It adopts the computer controller with self-diagnosis function, which will shut down automatically and alarm with sound and light when it is in abnormal operation. Fault code will be indicated clearly for the convenience of maintenance. Protection device is complete. High temperature back purge device can be set in combustor, which is safe and reliable, it is equipped with high quality safety valve, pressure adjustor, low water level and overheating protection for the safety and operation of boilers. The structure is compact with small area coverage. Its shape is elegant with bright color.


Main technical parameters
额定蒸发量 Ratedevaporationkg/h2003004005001000
锅炉雖率Thermal efficiency of boilers%88 〜92
工作压力 Work pressureMpa0.
总发热量 Total heat104kcal1218253060
蒸汽出口( DN ) Steam outletmm40404040404050505050
进水口( DN ) Intakemm25252532323240324032
排污阀(DN ) Drain valvemm25252525252540254032
链阀(DN ) Safety valvemm40404040404040402x402x40
烟囱口径Chimney diameter0mm159159219219219219350292350300
燃料消耗 Boiler fuel consumption柴油Diesel oilkg/h13.22028336875

重油Heavy oilkg/h1421313470



外形尺寸 Dimensions长(L)mmmm1120121011801180120012001400150019001700


总耗电量Total electricity consumptionkw1.
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